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 Paris France, Stade de France

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Nicki Minaj | "Monster Verse"

the most important verse ever

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My Bloody Valentine | "When You Sleep "

when I look at you, oh I don’t know what’s real.

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Drunk selfies 101

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Moschino Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Milan by Jeremy Scott: Charlotte Free

sooo into this

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when ur friend reblogs a shitty opinion but they’re ur friend


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When I was at the lowest spot in my depression I locked myself in my bedroom for three days and lied to everyone I knew. I called in sick to work. I told my mom I was seeing a doctor. I told my friends I was busy. I had successfully fooled everyone who loved me that I was making healthy changes and getting better. I wasn’t, but it was so much easier to hide and pretend that I was than to actually go outside and do something. 

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I think I just heard my heart break.

One of the few times Angelica was decent

don’t mind me I’ll just be over here sobbing




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